CSR and Accessibility Verticals / Verizon
In my role as a Senior Digital Producer at Verizon, I was tasked with orchestrating the redesign of Verizon's websites. Our challenge was to modernize the websites using the latest Verizon visual design systems while also ensuring ongoing maintenance for accessibility and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) websites. We operated within a hybrid waterfall/agile methodology, requiring careful planning and execution.

To address this challenge, I developed a comprehensive plan that integrated the latest Verizon visual design systems into the website redesign process. Leveraging a hybrid waterfall/agile methodology, we combined the structured approach of waterfall with the flexibility of agile, allowing us to adapt to evolving requirements while maintaining a clear project roadmap. We established clear communication channels and collaboration processes to ensure seamless coordination between teams throughout the project lifecycle.

Our efforts resulted in a successful transformation of Verizon's digital presence. The redesigned websites were not only visually appealing but also accessible and aligned with Verizon's CSR initiatives. By adopting a hybrid waterfall/agile methodology, we effectively managed the project's complexities and delivered high-quality digital experiences on schedule. The success of this project underscored our ability to adapt to changing requirements while maintaining a focus on delivering value to Verizon and its customers.
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