Zettle Product Launch / Media.Monks

Media.Monks was tasked with spearheading the digital strategy for the launch of PayPal's Zettle POS product. The challenge was to create a comprehensive digital playbook encompassing branding, typography, video script, website design, and specifications for social media, digital banners, and static ads. The goal was to develop a cohesive and impactful digital presence to introduce Zettle POS effectively to the market.
Working closely with client services and cross-functional teams, we developed a robust strategy covering every aspect of the launch. This involved crafting a compelling brand identity and typography reflecting Zettle POS's features, creating a captivating video script, and designing a user-friendly website. Additionally, we defined specifications for social media content and digital ads to ensure consistency across channels.
The launch of PayPal's Zettle POS product was a resounding success, thanks to the comprehensive digital playbook we developed. The cohesive branding, engaging video content, and user-friendly website effectively communicated the value proposition of Zettle POS. Meticulously planned specifications for social media and ads ensured a consistent brand message, amplifying our reach and impact. The launch generated significant buzz and interest, driving user engagement and adoption of Zettle POS, establishing PayPal as a leader in the POS industry.

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