IBM Portfolio / Havas NYC
As an IBM Digital Producer, I was tasked with managing website projects and ongoing maintenance for critical platforms such as the Cloud, Think Conference, and Watson websites. Additionally, I oversaw the creation of animated videos, digital banners, and social content. The challenge was to ensure seamless coordination across teams while meeting project milestones and maintaining high-quality standards. IBM aimed to deliver exceptional digital experiences aligned with its brand vision and objectives.

To address this challenge, I leveraged my expertise in digital project management to lead the execution of website projects and content creation initiatives. Working closely with cross-functional teams, I ensured smooth coordination throughout development cycles, meeting project milestones on time and within budget. We implemented updates and enhancements to deliver exceptional digital experiences, reflecting IBM's commitment to innovation and excellence. My strategic mindset and attention to detail played a crucial role in driving continuous improvement across IBM's digital properties.

The outcomes of our efforts were significant. IBM's websites and digital content consistently met high-quality standards, contributing to an enhanced brand image and increased user engagement. The seamless coordination across teams resulted in timely project delivery and alignment with IBM's brand vision. Overall, our strategic approach and relentless pursuit of innovation led to continuous improvement in IBM's digital presence, reinforcing its position as a leader in the industry.

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