As a Senior Digital Producer, I was tasked with leading the development and launch of the "MyHSS" Proof of Concept (POC) app. The challenge was to define user requirements, set a clear product vision, and establish delivery objectives. Additionally, we needed to coordinate a team of product designers and tech engineers to bring the app to fruition.

To address this challenge, I initiated a comprehensive planning process to define user requirements and establish a cohesive product vision. Working closely with the team, we adopted a hybrid waterfall/agile methodology to guide the development process. This approach allowed us to combine the structured nature of waterfall with the flexibility of agile, ensuring efficient progress while remaining adaptable to changing needs. Clear communication and collaboration were key components of our strategy as we navigated through each stage of development.

Our efforts culminated in the successful launch of the "MyHSS" POC app. By defining clear user requirements, setting a strong product vision, and employing a hybrid waterfall/agile methodology, we were able to deliver a high-quality app that met the needs of our users. The collaborative efforts of our team, coupled with effective project management, resulted in a successful outcome that exceeded expectations. The launch of the "MyHSS" app demonstrated our ability to innovate and deliver impactful digital solutions.
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